Build your inner strength.

Your brain is arguably the most important organ in your body, yet brain health and function are often ignored, underestimated, or neglected when it comes to your fitness, health, and well-being.

Much like your heart and muscles, your brain requires proper care and training to meet the demands of life and optimize your ability to thrive.

Flip fitness on its head

When we limit the concept of fitness to only things we can physically see, touch, and measure—like biometrics, diet, and movement—we ignore the role of the brain, that limits your ability to thrive.

That’s why 4D Fit℠ promotes mental fitness as the fundamental fourth dimension of fitness.

It’s time to thrive head first

Fitness is your ability to thrive in your environment—to meet the demands of life, to make the most of your abilities, to achieve your goals.

When it comes to being and doing your best, however, you might struggle with limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that hold you back.

To truly thrive, it’s important to care for your mind and brain—as a neurological and physiological part of your body.

Because while your body is the vehicle, your mind is the driver.

Perceive > Believe > Achieve

In order to develop and maintain the attitudes and behaviors needed to achieve your goals, you must perceive that it’s possible, and believe that you can.

As with any new skill or fitness regimen, developing a healthier mindset takes practice and exercise—including awareness, motivation, repetition, and reinforcement.

Exercise your mind

Our instructor-led talks and workshops support personal and professional goals by exercising how you perceive and process thoughts and feelings (neurologically and physiologically) that form your attitudes and behaviors.

The 4D Fit Mental Fitness Model℠ offers an accessible framework that covers a variety of mental fitness practices, including the importance of sleep, grief, forgiveness, creativity, nutrition, hydration, mindfulness, and movement.

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