Flip fitness on its head.

When you think fitness, do you immediately think physical?

“Fitness” is our ability to thrive in our environment—to be our best, do our best, and make the most of our life and abilities.

4D is Mental Fitness

When we limit the concept of fitness to only physical dimensions—like biometrics, diet, and movement (things we can see, touch, and measure)—we can limit our success and well-being.

Fact is, while our body is the vehicle, our mind is the driver.

That’s why 4D Fit℠ focuses on mental fitness as the fundamental fourth dimension of fitness, including the interconnectedness of mind, body, and environment.

Perceive > Believe > Achieve

Before we can achieve a goal, we must first believe it is possible.

When it comes to being and doing our best, however, many of us struggle with unhealthy perceptions, feelings, and fears that hold us back—including the stigma of mental health.

In order to develop and exercise healthier thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, we require awareness, motivation, and reward—all aspects of the fitness paradigm.

4D Fit℠ helps you approach goals head first.

Get fit head first

The 4D Fit Mental Fitness Model℠ offers an accessible framework for mental fitness, to broaden our definition and approach to fitness.

Our instructor-led talks and workshops support personal and professional goals by exercising how we perceive and process thoughts and feelings.

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