Because it takes a village.

Special thanks to these outstanding health & wellness professionals for providing valuable guidance, resources, and support:

Ericka Darst, CPT
Strength Coach & Owner, EDK Training

Dr. Lisa Herman, PsyD, LP
Clinical Psychologist & Founder, Synergy eTherapy

Dr. Casey Lankow, PsyD, LP
Organizational Psychologist & Chief Psychology Officer, CareProfiler

Amanda Leaveck
Yoga Instructor, Founder of Science & Magic

Dr. Shannon McCarty, DC
Chiropractor & Owner, Soul Chiro

Mark Meier, MSW, LICSW
E.D., Speaker & Founder, Face It Foundation

Sarah Moe, RPSGT
CEO & Founder, Sleep Health Specialists

Alex Morrall
Founder of The Twin Cities Wellness Collective

Cindy Nelson-Kaigama, MA
Health Systems Director, Alzheimer’s Association

Dr. Moira Petit, PhD
Partner, Activ8 LLC

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