4D Fit Friend: Rashena strives to be in the moment

Meet one of our 4D Fit friends, Rashena Molina. Rashena shared how she’s using 4D Fit tips, and how she’s already feeling the difference! She explains how she applies mental fitness practices to her day, to be and do her best, by being in the moment. (Keep up the great work, Rashena—and thank you for sharing!)


Q: What goals are you striving to achieve?

A: I am striving to become more present and mindful. My goal is to be in the moment more with family, friends, and most importantly myself. I usually get so caught up in tasks that I need to do, and things that need re-prioritizing, that I forget to enjoy myself in the present. I would love to be able to live in the now and then worry about all the others things when it's appropriate to do so.


Q: How do you practice mental fitness to support your goals?

A: My new favorite thing is not grabbing my phone as soon as I wake up. Of course this is a hard habit to break, but it does wonders for my stress. One day I made it all the way through my commute without checking my email. When I give myself time to relax in the morning, look at the lakes while sitting on the bus, my mornings are much more relaxing, which makes my whole day better. Recently I’ve walked my dog before going to work and right after coming home from work, and that has been great.

Q: What helps you BE your best?

A: Avoiding distractions when I am spending time with others.

Q: What helps you DO your best?

A: Putting my phone down. Going on walks. Reading. Remember reading?

Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: Great question. Mostly seeing how much my mood has changed is keeping me motivated. Plus, I love a challenge! It's like I win if I don't check my email before I get to the office.

Q: What advice would you give someone striving to be and do their best?

A: Pick one thing you really want to work on, and start on a small change. It can be as small as not checking your phone until you are done getting ready for the day, on the bus, or get to the office. Taking baby steps is the best way to maintain success!

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