1. Proper movement is essential to achieving your fitness goals.

You'll work with a certified personal trainer to learn proper movement and training technique to prevent injury, improve core balance, and develop muscular strength and endurance.

Programs include a preliminary fitness assessment, personalized fitness plan, instructional training sessions, and progress assessment.



2. You need to eat to stay fit. Being mindful when you eat is key.

Food is the fuel your body needs to move, protect and repair itself. Weight management is understanding how much fuel you need, and how to be mindful when choosing what to eat.

Programs include an environment assessment to make you aware of influences, temptations, and how to make healthier choices.



3. Knowledge is power. It's easier to stick to a plan you understand.

4D Fit takes a teaching approach to fitness, since it's hard to believe in something you don't understand. Fitness is science, after all, not magic.

We want you to view your 4D Fit trainer as a mentor and teacher, not a drill sergeant. We will explain and teach you concepts as you go, empowering you to be your best.



4. Love yourself, and focus on what you love to stay motivated.

Fitness starts with a healthy mind, and is an important dimension of your overall fitness. This is a common practice in yoga that 4D Fit uniquely incorporates into personal training.

4D Fit uses positive thinking and creativity to add meaning to workouts, increase readiness and motivation, and make it something you love.