Inspiring minds want to know.

A few quick-reads to inspire and support your mental fitness goals.


The importance of mental fitness
by Erica Roth and Dr. Timothy Legg / Healthline Media

 Three keys to optimum mental fitness
by Clifford Lazarus, Ph.D. / Psychology Today

Cultivating mental fitness
by Flor Sylvester / A Lust for Life

Creative thinking and the brain
with Shelley Carson / Harvard Health Letter

Exercise effects on the mind and creativity
by Kevin Loria / Business Insider

How plastic is the brain?
by Angela Chen / The Verge

How technology is hijacking your mind
by Tristan Harris / Medium

How to get a good night's sleep
by Sean Illing / Vox

The most important skill nobody taught you
by Zat Rana / Medium

Seven surprising facts about creativity
by John Paul Titlow / FastCompany

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